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How To Change Ink in Epson Printer?

Are you facing problem while using your Epson printer? If yes, it is important to know what is the exact cause of your problem and the troubleshooting method that you can apply to fix it. Many users have experienced problems when the ink levels drop low or the cartridge gets empty. In such cases, you must know how to change ink in the Epson printer. 

Epson is a popular printer brand and is mainly known for its ink cartridges and ink bottles. It offers various types of ink cartridges or ink bottles on the basis of the printer model you are using. So, it is important to know which type of ink is best suitable for your printer before you change it. Here, in this article, we have mentioned common steps to answer how to change ink in an Epson printer.

How to Replace Epson Ink Cartridges?

When the cartridge of your Epson printer gets empty or its ink levels get low, you can change it by following some simple steps. Go through the following steps to change ink:

  • First, check and ensure that your Epson printer is turned ON.
  • Now, open its cover. If your printer has a scanner, then lift its scanner unit.
  • If any message appears on the LCD screen about the low levels of ink, press the “Ok” button. In case, if you have not received any message, go to the “Setup” menu. Choose “Maintenance” and then select “Ink cartridge replacement”.
  • Make sure that the print head is in the proper position. If it is not, then tap the “Maintenance” button. It is also advised not to move the print head with your hand.
  • Now, open the cartridge cover and squeeze the tab located on the cartridge’s end.
  • Then, you have to pull the cartridge upwards. 
  • Before inserting the new ink cartridge, shake it a few times and gently remove its packaging.
  • Remove the yellow tape covering the new cartridge. Also, don’t remove any other seals or labels as the ink may start leaking.
  • Insert the new ink cartridge in the holder and keep pushing it downwards till you hear a clicking sound.

Once you are done with the above-mentioned Epson ink replacements, shut the cover of your Epson printer. Click the “Maintenance” button after completing the installation process. Alternatively, you can press the “Check” or “Ok” button if your printer does not have the “Maintenance” button.

How do I Refill Epson Printer Ink Remanufactured Cartridges?

Instances may occur when you have to change the ink in the Epson printer for the remanufactured cartridge. You have to follow the right set of instructions for changing a remanufactured Epson printer cartridge. Go through the below-mentioned steps to know how to take the ink out of a printer Epson from a remanufactured cartridge:

  • Shut down your Epson printer and also disconnect the power cable.
  • Now, wait for few seconds and open the cartridge door of your Epson printer.
  • Carefully remove your printer cartridge and keep it straight.
  • Remove the packaging of the new ink cartridge and install it with care.
  • Then close your printer and re-connect the power cable. 
  • Next, switch ON your Epson printer and wait till it processes the new ink cartridge.
  • Now, print a sample document to ensure that the cartridge is properly installed and is working.

Steps to Override Epson Printer Cartridge Not Working Issue

Go through the following steps to know how to override the Epson ink cartridge not recognized issue:

  • Remove the protective taping of your printer. While doing so, make sure the ink won’t come out from the cartridge’s nozzles.
  • Now, bypass the Epson cartridges check process through a quick cartridge reset.
  • Conduct an extended cleaning cycle to fix any issue with your printer and allow the printer to recognize the ink cartridge.
  • After successfully refilling the ink cartridge, if you are getting any errors, try to resolve them.

Refilling Epson Ink Cartridges Problems and Solutions

Hope, the above-mentioned steps help you to change or replace the ink cartridge of your Epson printer. However, if you encounter any problem with the above steps, try contacting Epson’s customer support team. The professional experts are always available to help you. You can even refer to the product user manual to get more troubleshooting tips.

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