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How do I find the WPS PIN on my Epson printer?

WPS or the Wi-Fi Protected Setup is used to connect your printer to a wifi network so as to ensure wireless printing. Therefore, if your Epson printer supports wireless printing, you need to find out its WPS PIN. The WPS PIN Epson Printer can be easily generated by undergoing an easy method that has been given in this article. The given article also highlights some other aspects about WPS PIN, the method to locate the PIN as well as using it to connect to a wireless network. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into learning more about WPS PIN on an Epson Printer.

WPS PIN Epson printer

Where is the WPS PIN on Epson Printer?

The WPS PIN is not present in an imprinted form in any printer whether it is a Brother printer, an HP Printer, or a Canon Printer. Therefore, you should end your search if you have been looking for the WPS PIN on the backside or any other spot of your printer. So, the question that hits the mind of many users is where to find the WPS PIN on the Epson printer? Well, the answer for the same is that the PIN needs to be generated by the user when he is configuring his printer to a wireless network.

Method to find the WPS PIN on Epson Printer

Below is given the exact method by following which you will be able to find the WPS PIN on your Epson Printer:

  1. Plug the printer to a power source and turn it on
  2. Make sure that there are enough papers in the paper tray
  3. Now, navigate to the control screen menu of your printer
  4. Now, tap on the wireless mode button
  5. Make sure that the wireless light has been turned on or not
  6. On the next screen, select “OK” and wait for a while
  7. The screen of your printer will show the Configuration details
  8. Here, you need to find the setting that reads “WPS PIN” mode
  9. After that, tap on the same option
  10. This would generate the WPS PIN on your screen

After that, open the Epson printer setup utility and try connecting your Printer to a wireless network.

Steps to use WPS PIN to connect to a wireless network

Once you have generated the WPS pin Epson printer, you should go ahead with setting up your printer to a Wi-Fi network so that you can initiate the wireless printing task whenever you want:

  1. After generating the PIN, go to your PC
  2. Connect your PC to a wireless router
  3. When the printer tries to find out and connect to your printer, you shall be asked to enter the WPS PIN
  4. Do the same to proceed further
  5. As soon as you input the PIN, your printer will be connected to the Wi-Fi

What is the WPS button on Epson printer?

The WPS button is not present in all the printer models however there is a WPS connectivity option that can be reached through the menu of the printer. To find the WPS button on your Epson Printer, you need to press the “Home” button on your printer, and on the menu that appears, select the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option using the right or left keys.


Truly, the method given here has helped many users to find and use the WPS pin Epson printer. if you are wondering how to find WPS pin on an HP printer, you may use a similar method for the same. If you were not able to find the WPS pin using this method, then verify if your printer supports wireless printing or not.

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