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How to Fix HP Printer Alignment Failed Issue?

Are you getting “HP printer alignment failed” error message while printing your documents? Though HP printers are mainly known for their best designs and advanced technology, sometimes, it generates problems while using them. HP printer alignment failed error message is one of the common issues and mainly indicates the improper alignment of the printer cartridges. It is important to fix the alignment issue at the earliest as it makes you unable to print anything. We have explained the issue in detail, its causes, and troubleshooting methods to fix it in this blog. 

What Does HP Printer Alignment Failing Issue Mean?

Usually, the alignment failed error that occurs on your device indicates that the cartridges are not aligned in a proper way. As result, your HP device will work unexpectedly, like it may only print blank pages, etc. Such alignment issues can also result in other bigger issues when not dealt with properly.

Why My HP Printer Alignment Keeps Failing?

There are several reasons due to which you may experience printer alignment errors on HP Envy, HP PhotoSmart, or other printer models. It is very important to find the root cause of the alignment issue on your printer. Some of the major causes of the alignment failure error are:

  • There may be bits of paper stuck in some part of your printer.
  • The ink cartridge you are using might be faulty, damaged, or may not be properly installed in your device.
  • Any physical damages to your HP printer body are also the main reason for this problem.
  • Sometimes, the printhead of your HP printer may have been clogged due to extra ink around it.

How to Fix the HP Printer Alignment Failed Error?

Once you know the exact cause of the issue, it’s time to apply some workaround to bring your printer back to a working state. You can reset your device by simply turning it off and on to fix the alignment error. We have mentioned several other methods to get the issue resolved in this section. Let’s check each of them one by one:

Method 01: Reset Your HP Printer

Resetting the HP printer is the simplest method to fix the alignment failed error. You just have to turn the printer off and on in a specific way. All you have to do is:

  • Firstly, check if your device is turned ON. Then, remove all the power cables attached to the printer.
  • Also, remove the other end of this power cable from the power source.
  • Now, leave the printing machine idle for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, connect both ends of the power cable again to respective slots.
  • Turn ON your printer and check if the alignment failed problem is fixed.

Method 02: Manually Clean the Printhead

Many issues with the HP printer can be resolved by cleaning its dirty printhead. Follow the below-mentioned steps to manually clean the printhead of your device to fix this issue.

  • First of all, take out the cartridges and open the latch to access the printhead.
  • Now put a cotton cloth in lukewarm water and rub in on the printhead to remove extra ink around its nozzle.
  • Leave the Printhead for 10 minutes so all the water on its surface gets dried up.
  • When the printhead is completely dry, insert it and the cartridges into their respective places.
  • Once the cartridges are set into their slots, press the “Tab” button and then close the device’s cover.

After executing the above steps, turn off your HP printer and start it again and check the status of HP alignment problem.

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Final Verdict

Through the simple and quick methods mentioned in this blog, you can easily fix the alignment failure error on an HP printer. We have also mentioned the causes of this failure. If the issue persists even after these methods, you should replace the old cartridges with genuine HP ink cartridges. 

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