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How to Fix Printer Ghosting Issue in Laser Printers?

Printers play a very important role in homes, offices, or workplaces. It is used by almost every age group we belong to; we all need a printer to print our documents or to access all other features. There are several printer brands available in the market that offer different features and functionalities to their users.

Fix Printer Ghosting Issue

Laser printers are one of the most popularly used printer brands that have established a global market and used by many people across the globe. But sometimes, you may experience some uncertain and unexpected technical glitches or printer errors while using the printer. These issues may affect the performance of the machine. One of the most common problems that you may encounter is ghosting issues on your Laser printer. Here, in this article, we have mentioned in detail how to fix ghosting issue on a Laser printer while printing on Windows 10 system.

Quick Methods To Fix Ghosting Effect In Laser Printer

There are several troubleshooting methods that you can try to fix the ghosting issues on Laser printers. These methods will help you to preserve the life span of the printer and also improves its performance. Thus, some of the methods that you can try to fix the ghosting issue is given below:

Method 1: Check the Working Condition of Printer

It is very important to check whether the printer and device from which you are printing have all the required conditions. Ensure that if you are using a tablet or a system, it must be away from clammy or should have a reasonable temperature condition.

Try to keep your printer away or not be closer to the fluorescent lamps and lights. This makes your Laser printer unable to work properly.

Method 2: Verify the Hardware

Check whether the hardware or parts of your printers are working properly. For this, wipe the touch screen of your device continuously using a soft cloth. You can also completely shut down your device and then again start it to check if the device is working properly or not.

If not, then there might be some problem with the hardware components like the motherboard and power adaptor of your device. In such a case, replace the defective device with a new one.

Method 3: Fix the Driver

It is important to check whether the accurate driver is installed in the system. If you encounter any kind of ghosting issue, then update the driver issue with the help of manual guide. You can also apply the following steps to troubleshoot any problem with your printer:

  • Firstly, check the device and then identify the driver which is causing the ghosting issues with your Laser printer.
  • Now, use the default printer repair tool to troubleshoot the printer driver issue.
  • Carefully restart the device to check if the recently installed touchscreen drivers have fixed the problem.

Method 4: Replace or Repair the Drum Unit

Another common reason that can cause printer ghosting in a laser printer is the drum unit. The drum is basically responsible for transferring the toner powder onto the paper surface. In case, if you are using an old drum, then this may cause several printer errors and it is best to replace them with a new one. You can also take help from any professional technician to repair the drum and to fix the ghosting error on your Laser printer.

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