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How to Fix Mac Can’t Find Printer Issue?

You might face several issues while printing your documents from your Mac. One of the most common problems that many users have encountered is that they can’t find printer on network Mac. Though the issue is little more frustrating and makes you unable to print your documents, you can fix it easily by applying some technical methods. Here, in this article, we have mentioned all the relevant information that you must be familiar with when your Mac system is unable to find your printer.

Mac Can’t Find Printer

Check the Printer’s Status Using Print Queue App

  • Whenever you give print command to print anything, the printer’s Print Queue app appears on your screen. If the app doesn’t open automatically, you can go through System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and select the desired printer and click Open Print Queue. If it still not appears on the screen, then you can take help from various printers assistance tools, they will help you to troubleshoot your problem.
  • The Print Queue app basically allows you to check the status of your printer and the print job. You can also cancel the print jobs by selecting and clicking the X button located next to them. After doing so, quit the Print Queue app and print your again, and choose the correct printer from the Printer pop-up menu.
  • The Print Queue app also displays an error message, if occurs while printing your documents. This error message indicates what’s wrong with your printer as sometimes it might go in offline state or may not be connected properly with your device. You can also check old print jobs stuck in the queue that are creating problems by blocking the current job. You need to delete them by clicking the X next to their names.

Once you know why your printer is paused, you need to click the green Resume button to restart the printing process. It must be noted that you cannot resume your printing process if the printer has paused itself due to other issues, like a paper jam or low supplies. In such cases, you need to resolve the problem first and then give the print command.

Check the Printer and Its Connection

Error messages may appear on your printer if you don’t have a proper connection between printer and your computer. In such a case, you need to verify the following:

  • Check if your printer is turned ON. If not, then immediately turn it on. Also, restarting your printer by turning it off and back on can also resolve a lot of printing issues.
  • Whether you are using wired or wireless printer, make sure your printer is properly connected via either USB or your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. Check if the cables are properly plugged in and it’s on the same network as your Mac. You can also restart your router if there is any kind of communication issues between your printer and Mac.
  • Check whether your printer has paper in it as if there is no paper in the paper tray, you cannot print any document. In case, if there is any paper jam in your printer, clear it before trying again.
  • Some printer-related issues can be resolved by check the ink cartridge, as mostly empty, or even cartridges with low ink causes the problem. Usually, this issue makes your document print only in black and white color when a color cartridge is empty.

How to Add a Printer to a Mac?

You need to follow certain steps to connect your printer with Mac. All you need to do is:

  • First of all, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
  • Then, click on the plus button located under the list of printers on the left corner of screen.
  • Switch to the IP tab and enter the IP address of your printer.

The above-mentioned simple steps will definitely help you to know how to find and add a printer on Mac. Once the printer is successfully created, try to print a sample document to ensure if everything is working properly.


The above methods will definitely help you to fix any printer-related issue that you may face on Mac. In case of any problem, you can contact their technical support team. But before that, you must check whether your printer is compatible to connect with Mac by ensuring if it supports AirPrint or have the drivers required for macOS.

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