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How To Fix HP Computer Won’t Boot Windows 10 Issue?

Being one of the best IT devise manufacturers, HP offers various features to its users for all IT devices. But sometimes, you may experience some issues while using an HP computer or laptop. Most of the time you might notice that your HP computer won’t boot Windows 10 operating system properly. The real cause of such an issue is outdated or corrupted Windows OS in your system. Here, in this article, we have mentioned common causes and proper methods to simply boot your system.

HP computer won't boot Windows 10

What Causes HP Laptop Won’t Boot Windows 10?

Problems like HP laptop won’t start up or HP laptop stuck on starting Windows is a serious problem. It is important to apply some methods to bring your Windows OS back to a working state at the earliest. Whenever you experience such issue, try to find the exact cause of your problem as workaround depends totally on its root cause. Given below are some probable causes for the appearance of such issues on your device:

  • Some Hardware-related issues on your system’s components.
  • Inadequate or failed power supply.
  • Technical issues present in Operating Systems.
  • Software confliction
  • Improper electric connection between devices.

Quick Methods to Fix HP Computer Boot Up Failure Issue

Several HP support websites provide quick and effective solutions to fix issues related to Windows 10 not booting properly. So, let’s check and apply each one of them from the following points:

Method 01: Perform a Hard Reset

If your HP computer is causing problems while booting or starting, then try to hard reset your device. Hard resetting will definitely help you to troubleshoot many booting-related issues. All you have to do is:

  • First of all, turn off your computer and remove all the cables connected to your laptop. Also, disconnect the USB devices or the attached SD cards.
  • Now, keep pressing the “Power” button on your laptop for at least 5 seconds. The power light indicator of your device might turn on for a while but then it goes off.
  • Then, reconnect the power cord and switch ON your computer/laptop.

If your system turns on smoothly, troubleshooting is complete and your issue is resolved. But in case, if there is any other problem, move to the next troubleshooting method.

Method 02: Try Basic Troubleshooting Steps

There are some basic steps that you can try to resolve HP laptop won’t boot windows 10 issue. You just need to follow each step one-by-one to bring your computer in working state:

  • Before moving further, shut down your Windows 10 PC and then reboot the computing system after some time.
  • Then, various booting options will appear on the screen and you need to choose the most relevant one.
  • Restart your computer in the “Safe Mode” by turning it into BIOS.
  • Now, open your computing devices and then remove and reinstall all the components related to your system.
  • Afterward, download all the relevant drivers from the manufacturer’s official site.

Method 03: Use Windows Boot Genius Tool

There are several troubleshooting software available online that you can try to resolve your Windows-OS-related issues. These applications basically help users to fix most common Windows 10 problems like computer crashes, files disappear, can’t boot, etc. Windows Boot Genius tool is one such troubleshooting software that will help you to fix HP laptop won’t turn on issue. All you have to do is:

  • Open any browser and visit the official site of Windows Boot Genius to download and install the software in your system.
  • After proper installation, open the software and prepare a blank CD/DVD/USB. Insert the drive into your computer and click the “Burn” button to burn a bootable disk.
  • Now restart your HP laptop and then press F2/F10/Delete button. Then enter the BIOS setting, and change the setting to boot your system using the removal drive.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, save the changes and exit.


Hope, the above-mentioned steps help you to solve HP Laptop Won’t startup Windows 10 issue. If you are still facing any problem or need any help, contact the technical support team for a reliable and instant solution. We are available 24*7 to solve all your HP Laptop-related issues.

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