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HP wireless assistant- Learn managing your connected space

When in doubt about the wireless connectivity between the available networks and your HP Notebook PCs, using HP Wireless Assistant could clear your vision about it. Not sure what an HP Wireless Assistant is, and how it can help you in managing the available wireless networks? Read on this post completely or the different sections that given here to have a clearer understanding of this.

HP wireless assistant

While using your HP device, you might have seen HP Wireless Assistant is already present on your device. This software comes pre-installed on Windows 7, Vista, and X. But, on some PCs, you might need to download it manually to manage the network connectivity.

What is HP wireless assistant and do I need it?

The HP Assistant software which is pre-installed on most HP devices is something that helps monitor the network connectivity (WLAN/WWAN/Bluetooth) available for HP Notebooks. The HP Assistant manages all of this through a single graphical interface letting you know which networks are available there in your area so that you can enable or disable them based on your needs. Therefore, if a user is finding it difficult to perform any task related to the wireless connection, then he may need it.

The functions of HP wireless assistant

The primary function of the HP wireless assistant has already been discussed in the previous section.

  1. For managing and using WLAN
  2. To connect your device to the Bluetooth
  3. Allows you to control and monitor the wireless devices
  4. Notifies of the change in status of a network

How to download HP wireless assistant?

Just like HP Printer Assistant is pre-installed on your device, HP wireless assistant is also there. However, if the wireless assistant seems to be missing from your device, then you download it now:

  1. Open a browser on your HP device
  2. Go to the “HP drivers and downloads” page
  3. Enter your device model number
  4. Choose your operating system from the options
  5. Install the HP drivers on your device
  6. HP wireless assistant will alongside get downloaded

How to get HP wireless assistant windows 10?

Couldn’t find where HP wireless assistant is located on your Windows 10 PC? Using the search bar of your Windows 10 PC, you can easily locate the HP assistant on your system. If you couldn’t find it, the wireless assistant might have gone missing from your device or it would have been disabled. If you suspect that it is missing, you can get it back on your PC by downloading it from the official link i.e. Official HP® Drivers and Software Download | HP® Customer Support.

  1. After going to this link, choose your HP notebook model
  2. Enter your region and language-related details
  3. Enter your HP Notebook model number
  4. Follow some on-screen prompts
  5. Choose “Windows 10” as the operating system
  6. Look for the HP Wireless Assistant and click “Download”
  7. Save the downloaded file on your desktop
  8. Double-tap to open and use it

Why is my HP wireless assistant not working?

In the following situations, HP wireless assistant may display errors:

  • If you have recently reinstalled the operating system
  • When you try to connect to a new wireless device
  • There is some hardware issue with your HP Compaq or Notebook
  • You haven’t installed the operating system updates on your PC
  • Your device has undergone the system recovery

Fix HP wireless assistant won’t open

When you can’t use or open the wireless assistant on your HP device, you might want to get it fixed immediately. But, in the absence of a perfect solution, doing this might seem a little tricky. So, here are the things you can try to get this problem resolved:

  • Re-install the HP drivers from its official manufacturer’s website i.e. HP
  • While re-installing the drivers, you have to make sure that the versions of drivers you are downloading are compatible with your device’s operating system
  • Otherwise, you can go to the BIOS of your device and check if the “Network Boot” is enabled or not
  • You can also try updating your system and restart it several times to fix this issue

Is HP wireless assistant disabled? Learn to enable it

In this section, we’ll figure out how to enable the HP wireless assistant:

  1. Locate the assistant on your PC
  2. Or, find it in your system tray
  3. Right-click on this icon to open the utility
  4. From the context menu, select the assistant again
  5. Select the toggle next to “Turn On” available in the “Wireless LAN” section

This would enable the HP wireless assistant on your system and you will be able to have control over the networks your device tries to connect to.


Using HP wireless assistant is another level of convenience when you do not want your device to connect to strange and unknown networks. With this utility on your device, you will be able to connect your device to desirable networks within minutes along with ensuring high-security standards.

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