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Why is my HP Printer Printing so Small | How to Fix?

It is very important to know how to use your HP printer properly in order to avoid any problems that occur while printing your documents. It is quite common to find that there are many people who still experience issues while printing their documents using HP printers. One of the most common problems that many users have a complaint about is the inability to print of proper size.

HP Printer Printing so Small

Whenever you encounter any problem related to size of your documents, it is very important to apply some troubleshooting methods to fix the problem. The problem of the inability to print the right size through the print device can be easily sorted out. But before getting into that, you must know how the device actually works so that you never face issues such as printing the wrong size gain. You can also take help of HP printer assistant to print your documents in their original size. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some quick steps to fix the problem.

How do I Fix HP Printer Printing Everything Small?

The print device may work as expected because of many reasons. One of the most common causes for such problems is any problem with the print driver and spooler in Windows 10 system. Whatever the reason is causing the problem, you can apply any of the following methods to fix your problem.

Method 1: Set Printing Preference

  • Press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open Run. In the Run prompt, type in control and press the OK button to open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Hardware and sounds followed by the click on Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click on Printer in which you are facing problems and then select Printer Preferences.
  • Now select Paper Source and Paper Size as per your requirements.
  • Select Media and set it as desired and click OK button to save the changes.

Once done, print a sample document or picture to check if the printer prints correct size.

Method 2: Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

The HP Print and scan doctor is an in-built troubleshooting tool to fix most of the problems with your printer. In this case, you can use this tool to fix your problem. All you have to do is:

  • Navigate to the HP Print and Scan Doctor official website to download and install it in your system.
  • Click the Download Now button to download HP Print and Scan Doctor application.
  • Run the program and agree to the terms and conditions appearing on the screen if any.
  • Once the application is properly installed, click the Start button appearing in the HP Print and Scan Doctor window.
  • Now, the app will start scanning your system and the printer to check if there is any issue. It is important to make sure the printer is properly connected to the computer before running the program.

In case of any problem, get in touch with HP Solution Center. They will guide you in all possible ways.

You can also set the size of your documents in the MS word application if you are printing through it. Follow these steps to fix Paper Size on MS Word:

  • Open your MS Word document and click on the ‘Page Layout’ tab appearing on the taskbar.
  • Then, click on the ‘size’ button located in the page setup group.
  • The drop-down menu will appear on the screen, which displays different size options to choose from according to your requirements.
  • After setting the desired width and height, click on the ‘OK’ button to save the size change.
  • After that save your document and click on ‘Print’ to get a printout. Check whether the printout is as per your size requirement.


Here, in this article, we have mentioned in detail how you can print your documents in exact size. These methods will definitely help you to fix your HP printer printing documents and images in small size.

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