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HP Support Assistant- Get the most out of your HP

HP Support Assistant

Did you know if you have HP Support Assistant by your side it could work wonders for you? Well, to have a wider look at what this assistant can do to make your life easier you can simply navigate to this page. This page highlights every detail about the support assistant from downloading to ultimately using it.

What is the HP Assistant?

If you are using an HP device to accomplish different work-related tasks, then HP Support Assistant is something that can help you manage all your tasks. This helps a user by letting him know about the latest updates available for his device. In addition to this, it also helps by providing you with the much-needed troubleshooting tools.

Nowadays, most HP PCs come equipped with this assistant to make your work easier. It just works similar to HP Support Solutions Framework which is an HP Utility that helps you get the latest downloads and driver updates.

Is HP Support Assistant available for download?

In case you are looking for a hp support assistant to download windows 10 64 bit, then you must note that it comes pre-downloaded on most HP devices. In case you are unable to locate it on your device, then you should use the ‘Search’ menu of your device to do so. In case it is not there on your PC, then you should navigate to and click on the ‘Download HP Support Assistant’ button available at the top.

Programs and features of HP Assistant

  • Helps maintain the performance of your PC
  • Lets you know about the software upgrades and install them
  • If your PC needs help with troubleshooting, it lets you do the same
  • You can also use it for PC Tune-ups
  • Users can do onboard diagnostics with it
  • Also, assists you in carrying out certain other tasks
  • Helps during hp drivers download

How do I get HP update assistant to download updates?

HP Update Assistant Windows 10 can be used to install the latest updates on your HP PC. To get the support assistant automatically download updates, follow these steps:

  1. Launch HP Support Assistant on your device.
  2. Click on the ‘My Devices’ option at the top.
  3. Then, select ‘Updates’ in the ‘My PC’ pane.
  4. Select ‘Check for updates and messages’.
  5. Review the details of the update.
  6. And, select ‘Download and install’.

In case you are unable to install updates using support assistant, then you should use HP Printer Assistant or HP Wireless Assistant to help resolve the issue.

What if HP Support Assistant won’t open?

In case hp support assistant stuck loading or won’t open at all, then you should uninstall HP Support Assistant from your device by navigating to the ‘Programs and Features’ section. Here, you need to find the support assistant and remove it. After that, you should install the latest version of support assistant from the official website of HP.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Windows 10 need HP Assistant?

In case you are using an HP PC and wondering if you really need HP Assistant on your Windows device, then one thing worth noting here is that you really don’t need it. This is because sometimes, the program conflicts with Windows 10 causing other issues. However, HP does not recommend its use to delete the Support Assistant.

  1. Why is HP Assistant not working?

If you are using an active antivirus or firewall program on your PC, then you will find issues while using some programs on your device and HP Assistant is no exception. To get rid of this issue, you can disable the antivirus temporarily and see if it helps.

  1. Should I install HP Assistant updates?

HP recommends its users to install updates that are brought about by the HP Assistant because these are necessary to make your PC work smoother. This helps resolve basic computer and printer problems. However, you always have the option not to install these updates.

  1. Does HP Support Assist slow down the computer?

Many users who have downloaded HP support Assist on their laptops or desktops have complained that their PC has slowed down due to this. But, this is not the case with every user. Thus, you can uninstall and reinstall the assistant and see if it helps.

  1. Why does HP Assistant keep popping up?

In case your HP Assistant keeps popping up abruptly, then there is some issue with the program itself. But, you can fix this issue by uninstalling it from the ‘Programs’ section of ‘Control Panel’ and then reinstalling it from the official HP website.

  1. How do I turn off the hp support assist?

You cannot turn off the support assistant but prevent it from checking for and installing updates on our device. To do so, double-click the Assistant and then click “Settings” in the bottom left. After that, you need to select the “Health Analysis” tab followed by tapping on the button present next to “Never Check for Updates.”

  1. Are HP updates safe?

Hp updates are completely safe to install and are quite necessary in case you want your pc or computer to keep working smoothly. In case you do not install an update timely, then your device will be vulnerable to flaws that the update has to fix.

  1. Does HP have chat support?

In case you need assistance with one of your HP products, then you may reach out to the customer support of HP at the Customer’s technical assistance center (TAC). Apart from this, you can also connect with them on call or write to them at their email address.

  1. How do I disable HP Assistant Quick Access?

Launch HP support assistant by double-tapping on it and then select the ‘Updates and tune-ups’ option. Then, select ‘Other settings’ available at the bottom. In the ‘How would you like to be notified?’ section, uncheck the box next to the ‘Taskbar’ option.

  1. HP support assistant should I remove or uninstall it?

You should neither remove nor uninstall it because it is necessary for maintaining the health of your HP devices. If you uninstall it, then you will miss out on the latest updates and patch fixes released by HP.

  1. What does HPSF exe stopped working mean?

HPSF.exe is one of the essential components of HP Support Assistant. If you a message on your device that it has stopped working then you should fix this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Support Assistant from the official website of HP.

  1. How do I put my HP Support Assistant to sleep?

You cannot put HP Support Assistant to sleep but rather uninstall it from your device if you are no longer using it. But, HP does not recommend you to do so. To uninstall the Support Assistant, you can go to the ‘Programs’ section of the Control Panel.

  1. Is the HP Support Assistant A virus?

HP Support Assistant is not a virus and completely safe to use. In case your PC is working abruptly after downloading HPSA, then it is recommended to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of Support Assistant.

  1. What is the latest version of hp assistant?

To get automatic updates, personalized support, and much more on your HP devices, it is advisable to download the latest version of the support assistant. The latest version of HP Assistant is Version 9.6.839.0 /


Expectantly, this article has helped you get deeper insights into HP Support Assistant. To know more about it, you can always explore through other articles given on the HP website.

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