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How to find WPS PIN on Samsung printer?

Want to know where to find the WPS PIN on your Samsung printer? Well, in that case, you should acknowledge that this pin is not available or imprinted on the printer but you need to find it by going through some manual settings. Using the WPS PIN for Samsung printer, you can easily set up and connect your printer with a wireless network. Therefore, finding this pin becomes quite necessary.

WPS PIN on Samsung printer

After you have found out this pin, you can go through the Samsung printer wireless setup process and start printing from your printer wirelessly. In today’s post, we shall cover a few topics related to the same. Thus, you may continue to read till the end.

Where is the WPS PIN on my Samsung printer?

If you are also struggling with the same query, then you should go through the steps given here. You can use the same method if you want to find WPS PIN on HP printer:

  1. First of all, you should go to the Control Panel of your printer
  2. Now, from the settings, just press on the wireless button
  3. Furthermore, select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option
  4. Then, complete some on-display prompts
  5. When prompted for PIN on the screen, simply tap on it
  6. This will show the WPS PIN on your screen

Once done with generating the WPS PIN for Samsung printer, you can go through the printer setup process discussed in the next section.

  1. First, you have to access the network configuration page of your router
  2. On the configuration page, make the necessary changes
  3. When asked, enter the same pin that you have generated
  4. Next up, you have to install the printer driver
  5. And, complete the steps for connecting your printer

Related questions and answers:

How do I use WPS on my Samsung printer?

  1. First, go to the Samsung Printer Diagnostics on your PC
  2. Then, choose “Setting up wireless printing”
  3. Now, turn on the printer whenever prompted
  4. Choose your printer from the list
  5. On the Control Panel of the printer, locate and press the WPS button
  6. Complete some prompts to end the setup

What is the WiFi password for the Samsung printer?

The default ID of a Samsung printer is “admin” whereas the default password for the same is  “sec00000.” In case you have changed the default password of your Samsung printer, then the new password would be your current password.

Where can I find the WPS PIN number on my Samsung printer?

To find the WPS PIN on the Samsung printer, you have to go to its Control Panel and select the “Settings” menu. After that, press the wireless button and then touch the option that says “wireless protracted setup.” After doing so, you have to follow some on-screen prompts and the PIN will be generated on your screen.

To conclude-

By the end of this post, you shall be able to connect your printer to a wireless network. If your Samsung printer showing offline after the whole setup, then make sure you have connected it to the same network as your computer. Please make a note of your WPS PIN as you may need it later on.

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