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How and where to find WPS PIN on HP printer?

The modern-day printers have put a full stop to the wired connections making it easier for the users to print through a wireless method. To make the best use of this wireless printing technology, you are prompted to connect it to a network the moment you power on your printer for the first time. Now, there is an important thing to understand about connecting your printer through a wireless network. There could be multiple ways that users may apply in order to build up this connection. One of those methods is connecting your printer through the WPS technology and for this, you must find WPS PIN on HP printer.

WPS PIN on HP printer

This write-up will further put forward more information regarding this. So, continue to read it from here onwards.

What is the WPS PIN and what does WPS PIN mean?

Without going into complexities, the simple thing to note about a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) PIN is that it is a unique code which is of 8-digits that lets you establish a safe and secure connection between your printer and PC. This PIN is required only when you connect your printer through the WPS technology, which is a modern-era connectivity solution. It is of utmost importance to find WPS PIN on HP printer because without finding it out, you will not be able to build up a secure connection.

Where is the WPS PIN located on my HP printer?

Referring to the location of the WPS PIN on your printer, it may not be available in the written format on your printer. However, you need to generate the WPS PIN during the connection build-up. The procedure for locating this PIN can be found hereby:

  1. Turn on your printer by pressing the power button
  2. If already turned on, restart it
  3. Open the Settings of your printer
  4. Click on the Control Panel on the display
  5. Select the wireless icon on the display
  6. When the light on your printer starts blinking, tap “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”
  7. Read out the instructions shown on your printer
  8. Click on the WPS PIN option
  9. This would eventually generate the WPS PIN
  10. Enter this PIN code on your computer, as and when prompted

When your printer is finally connected to your computer, the HP printer assistant will also get installed on your system.

How to connect HP printer to wifi using WPS PIN?

By referring to the section above, you can connect your printer to wifi using the WPS PIN. On an off chance, if the connectivity fails due to any reason, you can also connect your printer using the WPS Push-button. You simply need to complete the steps mentioned above and press the WPS button on your printer when your PC starts searching for the available printers. Viola! That’s all about how to find WPS PIN on HP printer.

To end it-

To find WPS PIN on HP printer, it is clear from the above post, that you have to go through the complete connectivity procedure. In some models of HP Printer, you can also find this PIN mentioned on the sticker or back of the printer. For further inquiries, do not forget to click on


What is the WPS PIN number?

The WPS number or the WPS PIN is a unique set of digits that ensures a safe and sound connection between your printer and the device you want to connect it with. There are two usual ways to find out this PIN i.e. WPS PIN connection or locating it on the printer.

How to enter WPS PIN code on router?

If your router supports connectivity through the modern era WPS PIN technology, then only you can enter the WPS PIN code on your router. For this, you just have to go to the access point settings of your router and enter the WPS PIN whenever prompted during the connection.

What does a WPS PIN look like?

The WPS PIN of a printer is a unique combination of numbers that consists of 8-digits and allows you to set up a secured connection with the router you want to connect it with. This connection uses modern-day wireless technology and helps you to print from distant locations.

Which of the following is a security flaw in the WPS PIN method?

The most common security flaw in the WPS PIN connection method is that it can be easily accessed by an unauthorized user. A remote attacker can gain access to your device’s network ultimately leading to the hacking of your printer in just a few hours.

Is the WPS PIN the WIFI password?

No, the WPS PIN is definitely not the wifi password. A WPS PIN is the PIN required for establishing the Wi-Fi Protected setup between your printer and the computer by ensuring high-security standards. While connecting the devices through WiFi does not ensure that much security.

How do I connect to WIFI without a password or WPS?

If you want to connect your device to wifi without the wifi password or WPS, then you should tap on the Settings menu and select the “network” settings. Choose “Internet” and then choose “Wifi” after which you need to click on the “connect through WPS button.”

What is the WPS button on router printer?

Through the WPS button on your router printer, you can connect it to a secured network through the Wi-Fi Protected setup technology. This is the easiest yet most efficient way to connect your printer and start printing wirelessly. During the setup, just locate and press this button for a while.

Where is the 8 digit PIN on my HP printer?

The 8 digit PIN on your HP Printer is not present in the written form. But, you need to generate this PIN through the WPS connection method by tapPINg on the wireless icon on your printer. In the Wireless Settings, you will eventually find the WPS PIN connection method.

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