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How to Fix Brother Printer Not Printing Issue?

Sometimes, you might have face issues with your Brother printer while printing your documents. If you are experiencing some problem with your Brother Printer, then find the exact reason behind it. However, there are several reasons that may lead to your printer properly connected but still not printing issue. All you have to do is apply some troubleshooting methods to fix the problem at the earliest. Check out the common reasons for your problem and some popularly used methods to fix Brother Printer Offline issue from this article.

Brother Printer Not Printing

Why is My Brother Printer Not Printing Properly?

There are multiple reasons why a brother printer doesn’t print properly even after having a good connection with system. Some of the commonly found reasons are:

  • There can be some sort of ‘Offline’ Issue with your printer.
  • Your Brother printer might not be connected to the right port.
  • Improper installation of your Brother printer, and many more.

How do I Fix Brother Printer Errors?

Given below are some commonly used methods to troubleshoot Brother Printer won’t print issue:

Method 1: Ensure the printer’s power source-

Usually, the printing machine has a light that starts blinking if it is working properly. A stable LED light on the power button indicates that the printing machine is on and it is ready to function. Once the error lights start blinking, then there might be some issue with your printer. In such a case, check out the icon/option that signals error. There can be any toner or a paper-related error.

If no lights are on even when the printer is connected with your system, check on your power exit or reconnect the power cable. Almost all the printer issues have resolved just by reconnecting the power cable.

Method 2: Fix Brother Printer Not Printing Issue by Checking Port

There might be some instances when your Brother printer is not connected to the right port. In case if it is connected to the wrong port, follow these steps-

  • Firstly, click on the start button on your system and then Go to settings.
  • Then, click on devices and select the ‘printer & scanners’ option.
  • Now, tap the devices and printers from the screen.
  • Then select and right-click on the printer you are using from the device list.
  • From the dropdown menu click on the ‘properties’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘change properties’ button from the general section.
  • Thereafter, select the ’ports’ option and then click the port which is displayed with your printer’s name.

Once you are done with the above steps, click on the ‘apply’ button to complete the process.

How do I Fix Brother Printer Connected to WiFi But Not Printing?

You might encounter the Brother printer printing blank pages issue even when it is properly connected to Wi-Fi. In such a case, all you have to do is:

  • Before applying any method, set your Brother Printer as a default one. Many users have reported that changing the printer as a default printer has helped them to fix Brother Printer connected but not printing problem.
  • Also, check if the printer driver is faulty. As sometimes the faulty driver can cause issues in your printer and even bring it is not working state. For this, update your printer driver and to avoid it you should regularly check if there is any upgrade.
  • It is also recommended to check the hardware status of your printer in order to keep it safe from any glitches. Hence, for the smooth functioning of your Brother printers, you should always check all the hardware installed with them.

All the above-mentioned points will help you to troubleshoot problems with the Brother Printer. You can easily fix any sort of issue without much of a stretch. On the off chance, if the problem still persists then you should refer to the manual guide to fix it. It provides you with all the detailed information to fix any problem with the Brother Printer and to bring it again in a working state instantly.

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