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How do I connect my Samsung Printer to a wireless network?

With the advent of Wi-Fi technology, several printer brands have come up with Wi-Fi printing technology and Samsung printers are no exception here. In case you have also welcomed a brand new wireless Samsung printer in your home, then go through this Samsung printer wireless setup guide carefully. You may also refer to the manual that came with your printer or you may follow the easy setup instructions given here. The tutorial given here will ensure that you do not face hurdles when it comes to setting up your printer for the first time.

Samsung wireless printer setup

First, we shall learn how you can download the setup file followed by which the actual setup process shall be explained.

Samsung Laser wireless printer setup download

Here, we have used the Samsung SCX-3405w printer and Samsung M2070 printer models as examples. You may use these guidelines for other Samsung printer models as well.

  1. Go to the HP’s Drivers and Downloads page available on the official site
  2. In it, choose “Printers” as your product type
  3. On the resulting page, insert your printer model number
  4. Then, click on the “Submit” option to proceed further
  5. Select the version of the Operating System you are using
  6. Choose the option that says “Driver – Product Installation Software”
  7. Next up, choose “Basic Drivers” and tap “Download” from the results
  8. Wait until the download completes and double-tap on the downloaded file
  9. For completing the installation, follow some on-screen prompts
  10. As soon as the product installs, you have to restart your PC

After you have downloaded the setup file, you need to complete a few more steps to connect the Samsung printer to wifi.

General guidelines for Samsung printer setup

  1. At first, visit the page
  2. Download the Samsung Printer software installer
  3. For this, tap on the “Download” option available on the page
  4. Now, connect your printer to the PC using the USB cable
  5. Else, you need to connect it through a wireless network
  6. After establishing the connection, follow some more prompts

Samsung wireless printer setup Mac

  1. Using the given USB cable, you need to connect your printer to your Mac
  2. After that, download the software installer from
  3. Open the setup file and follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard
  4. During the setup, choose “Connect via WiFi”
  5. To establish the connection, enter the wireless password
  6. Complete the process by removing the USB cable

Samsung easy wireless printer setup Windows

If you wish to connect your Samsung wireless printer to a wireless network on your Mac or Windows, then you may use these easy instructions for the same:

  1. Navigate to the Samsung Easy Drivers page
  2. Download the printer drivers for your version of the Operating System
  3. Next up, you need to click the “Download” option
  4. Follow some on-screen directions in the setup wizard
  5. Else, connect your printer by pressing the WPS Button on the Samsung printer
  6. Enter the wireless network ID and password
  7. That’s it! You can now continue your wireless printing task

To Conclude-

At times, you might experience a Samsung printer offline issue after connecting your printer to a wireless network. In that scenario, you must check if you have connected your printer to the same network with which you have connected your device. If not, make sure that both are connected to a single network and both devices are turned on properly. To complete the Samsung printer wireless setup without any hurdle, you should always use a high-speed internet connection.

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